History of Portland Post 1




Erected in 1919, the Oregon American Legion building was the first American Legion building in the United States.  Harry N. Nelson (former state Adjutant of the Oregon Legion) took the picture.                                   


The membership listed for the first year in 1919 was 5,000 members. In 1920 it went down to 2,438 members. The all time high for membership of Post 1 was in 1948 when it had 5,273 members. The least amount of members was in 1985 when Post 1 had only 340 members. In 1986 the post was merged with four other posts; Columbia Power Post 120, Edward J. Eivers Post 53, Seven Seas Post 144, Allied Post 150 and in 1986 God & Country Post 13 also merged with Portland Post 1. After the merger the post membership in 1986 was 780 members. In 2007 Montavilla Post 163 merged with Post 1. Another membership milestone was reached in 1945 when 181 Navy men of an LSD-5 temporary docked at Swan Island were initiated into Post 1 of the American Legion.  This story was originally printed in the Portland Post 1 Contact dated October 11, 1945.  This is believed to be the first time in American Legion history such a large group joined from one ship.